Advising people like someone with 100k followers

While the title was for bants, herein lies some gems.

ebelechukwu monye
2 min readSep 4, 2022


For weeks 34 & 35.

Learn the art of contentment, especially about being in your own presence. Remember that you’re a god. Act like one.

Ultimately, starting is a personal decision. It doesn’t matter how many self-help books you read.

The ancestors will continue to give you the same lesson until you learn. But will you learn?

There you are, frolicking in someone else’s business, soaking in someone else’s anger or emotions. You should learn to be satisfied with minding your business.

Life will teach you to paddle your canoe alone at different points in time for different reasons. Sometimes, because you’re a clown who has refused to differentiate people who are worth your while from those who aren’t, sometimes because everyone is going through it, and sometimes just because. If you learn to paddle your canoe alone before you need to paddle it alone, you’ll make life easier for yourself.

Why do you insist on filling your life with the presence of others when you yourself are filled with so much presence? Take some time out to learn (and enjoy) something about yourself today.

Nothing good ever comes out of craving social media attention. So be ready to always disconnect and go back into your shell, where you first made magic before people even knew your name.

In a world where I could give random advice on the many silly and truly hilarious things I’ve learned in life, I’d do it this way, devoid of all seriousness. In an, ‘if you like, listen to me, if you don’t like, don’t listen—we no kuku sabi each other papa for this place’ way. The ones who get it will pick what works for them. And those who do not? Well, we no kuku sabi each other papa….