How often do you check on yourself?

Week 27.

Today’s reminder is on checking up on yourself.

Let me explain. Sometimes I go weeks, months, or days without hearing from or checking up on some people. Then I randomly remember them and text them to know what’s up.

How often have you thought about yourself and asked yourself how Ebele (or inserts your own name) truly is?

I ask myself, ‘Ebele, are you okay?’ And I allow myself to respond to me as I listen, as I would do to my friends.

So hey you, here’s your reminder to check on yourself as often as you yearn to check on others.



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ebelechukwu monye

ebelechukwu monye

Oliver De Coque’s Identity is a song about me | Visual storyteller and talker @mygradschoolbud | I write for younger Ebele and everyone like her.