Now’s the time to roll up your sleeves.

Week 26.

When I was a fresher in Nsukka, I attempted jacking during night class. I’d go with Dinma and Cally. While men read, your girl slept like tomorrow was not promised. Those days I was using a blackberry curve 3 that my sisters had got for me. Dem no need tell you say dem go tiff you plus your phone if you sleep recklessly in those night classes. I’d use all my energy to multi-task between clenching the phone and sleeping. I’d later find out that TDB is not for everybody oh eh, oh.

What’s the essence of this story? Fast forward to the end of the semester, when people start checking their results. Excellent grades, if you’re lucky and your lecturers are not playing some vindictive games, often don’t show the other side of the story. The side that involves all the hustle, sleepless nights, and tutorials. Everyone just goes behind flat to tachie osa.

Outside school, many ambitions and goals we want lie at the end of very arduous paths. You, unfortunately, can’t run away from them. The more time you spend trying to circumvent the situation, the more I na-egbu onwe gị oge. So just jiri nwayọọ, roll up your sleeves and do the hard, dirty work. Hopefully, one day, with patience and consistency, our dreams might just become a reality.

Ọ bụkwanụ na ọ workuro? Lmao, my love, take it to the Lord in prayer. We win some; we lose some.



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ebelechukwu monye

ebelechukwu monye

Oliver De Coque’s Identity is a song about me | Visual storyteller and talker @mygradschoolbud | I write for younger Ebele and everyone like her.