Why you’re the right person to start

Here’s the encouragement you need to take action.

ebelechukwu monye
3 min readAug 22, 2022


Week 32.

I see life as a journey where one never stops learning. Every day presents new opportunities to learn, even where you thought you already had sound knowledge. Starting is one of those things that put us on a learning curve.

Here are three takeaways from this post:

  1. You’re the perfect person to start whatever it is you’re thinking.
  2. Why you need to start working on the things you’ve been thinking about even when you are scared or not ready.
  3. Against popular opinions, you can learn from anybody, even people you don’t particularly like.

On.1. Being the perfect person to start. I believe we live in a world where people have a lot of beautiful ideas, but those who get to implement them are not as many as those who think of them. Before we continue, remember that not all good ideas are practical, and you have to be objective about how prepared you are to start. Let’s continue.

In my opinion, sometimes people shy away from starting because they are afraid of failing or of what people will say. I try to rid myself of both thoughts very early (the latter often comes with disappointing people, which you need to get used to). I go into new things knowing that it might be successful or not, but I want to know in my heart that I at least tried.

On .2. Why do you need to start even when you are afraid or feel like you are not ready? A good starting point is to stop thinking that everyone knows what they are doing. Often, people are just figuring things out as they go. Starting gives you room to grow and learn from the journey. Unfortunately, you’ll never get these thrills, scars, and experiences if you never start. My example is running a podcast, even when I had no idea how to do it just a year ago.

No one comes already made; if you love it enough, try learning it. Of course, not every feedback will be rosy; learning is not always easy, so leave room in your heart for gbas gbos. Reflecting on the podcast almost a year later, there are some things I know I can (and will) do better. I’d never have realized these lessons if I had never started.

On .3. I had an acquaintance who passed away last year. He was a massive fan of a Nigerian entrepreneur (who I don’t particularly like because I believe neither in his political takes nor his business model, mainly because of its effect on its target market). However, even though I didn’t like this person, my acquaintance spoke highly of them.

When he died, I was trying to move on, and the best thing that came to mind was to read his favorite entrepreneur’s book. To give you a clue, it is one of those business people who start every lesson by saying, ‘I will only give you advice that I have tried. If I have not tried it, I will not give that to you.’ As shitty as I feel this person is, there are some gems in his book that I believe most entrepreneurs will benefit from.

Finally, no one else has your passion, drive or call. There is somebody out there waiting for you to tell your story. Showing up and telling your story as genuinely as you can, might be the inspiration they need to become better versions of themselves.